How do you know you’re destined to be a fortune teller


Fortunetellers are individuals with the ability to predict the future through various methods. The genuine responsibility of a fortuneteller is to make people aware that destiny can be altered; it possesses flexibility and is not fixed.

In the East, there are numerous mystical disciplines that can help one glimpse into the past and foresee the future, such as drawing oracle lots, physiognomy, palmistry, astrology, Feng Shui, numerology, and horoscope reading. So, how does one know if they have an affinity for studying these mystical arts? will compile characteristics of those who could become skilled fortunetellers or possess the talent for predicting the future, through specific traits such as:

1. Literary Forehead (Trán Văn Tinh):

Individuals inclined towards the mystical sciences have a Literary Forehead, which, when observed, reveals a subtly elevated or multiple rectangular or square shapes on the imprint area. The lines are elegant, bright, clear, and the skin is thin. The Literary Forehead is not a raised mark; if the square shapes are flat, it is considered exceptionally good. Those with a Literary Forehead are intuitive and renowned in literature.

Literary Forehead

2. Yin-Yang Eyes (Mắt Âm Dương):

Yin-Yang Eyes, also known as Balanced Eyes, consist of two eyes that are uneven—one large, one small. The eyes appear half-closed, half-open, or squinting, with occasional powerful, rapid straight-line gazes. Individuals with Yin-Yang Eyes have a penchant for mystical sciences and possess a strong sixth sense, sometimes perceiving aspects of the mystical world. If the upper and lower portions of the eyes are symmetrical, it is considered excellent. If they are different, it may lead to sudden and unusual occurrences.

3. Intuitive Lines in the Palm (Có Đường Trực Giác Trong Tay):

The intuitive line, also known as the line of clairvoyance, consists of curved or cross-like patterns appearing between the lines of intellect and emotion, typically beneath the base of the index finger (Mount of Jupiter). Individuals with the intuitive line (clairvoyant line) often possess a highly sensitive sixth sense. Many of them demonstrate the ability to predict the future, exhibit exceptional talent, and prioritize values over personal gain. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the intuitive line on their palm.

In the palm of the right or left hand, there are clear and distinct intuitive lines. The area between the intuitive line and the line of intelligence contains many small, smoothly lined triangles, providing strength to intuition and intellect.

4. Clear and Smooth Flesh (Da Thịt Trong Vắt Như Thạch):

If an individual’s facial and bodily flesh feels as clear and smooth as polished jade, it indicates a simple mind and a heart akin to a true sage. If such a person studies Physiognomy, they may achieve extraordinary proficiency.

5. Zodiac Signs in Astrology with an Inclination Towards Mysticism or Spirituality:

  • Celestial Axis, Celestial Prosperity, Dark Maze (Zodiac signs for studying mysticism, astrology, and the occult).
  • Zodiac signs prone to mediumship: Celestial Unity, Fire Spirit, Floating Wings.
  • Zodiac signs associated with practicing magic: White Tiger, Dragon Habitat, Fire Spirit, Endless Transformation.
  • Zodiac signs with good perception: Celestial Unity, Military Seal, Endless Transformation, Guest of Honor.

Together with, explore mystical disciplines through articles distilled from personal experiences as well as those of scholars sharing similar interests. You can suggest content for fortune-telling articles or ask questions in the comments below.



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